Junior Achievement’s middle school programs offer practical problem-solving activities that help students develop skills and aptitudes for personal, workplace, and economic success. The programs allow students to use their creativity and critical thinking to explore business and economics while also reinforcing the economic concepts taught in social studies, career, and like skills classes.

JA BizTown® provides students the opportunity to operate banks, manage restaurants, write checks, use debit cards, and vote for a mayor. They connect the dots between what they learn in school and the real world. Download this  program brief.

JA Global Marketplace® - Kit Based connects historic and contemporary international business concepts and practices as students learn about international markets; cultural exchange; flow of information, human resources, and financial capital; and international law. They discover how international trade works and how it affects their daily lives. Download this program brief.

JA Global Marketplace® - Blended Model gives students an opportunity to experience the worldwide interdependence of producers, consumers, and the global workforce by playing the role of business owners and managers at the international FreeTrade Market. High-tech and Low-tech options are available. Download this program brief.

JA Economics for Success® enables students to learn about personal finance and their educational and career options. With a focus on their own skills, interests, and values, the students investigate choices and self-knowledge, decision-making, education and career options, budgeting, credit, and financial risk. They also apply their knowledge of personal finance as they build comprehension regarding needs versus wants that will result in sound money management, regardless of income. Download this program brief.

JA It’s My Business!® - Kit Based emphasizes entrepreneurship and the critical thinking and other skills needed. The students apply the knowledge and learn positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations and educational pursuits. Download this program brief.

JA It's My Business!® - Blended  Through engaging activities, JA It's My Business! Blended model provides middle school students an opportunity to experience the initial steps necessary to start a business. New program content provides an authentic entrepreneurial experience for students, with each session building up to a product-pitch competition. Download this program brief.

JA It’s My Future
® - Kit Based  provides practical information about preparing for the working world while still in middle school. They explore potential careers, discover how to plan and look for a job, and learn how to keep it. Download this program brief.

JA It's My Future®  - Blended offers middle school students practical information to help prepare them for the working world. Students will develop the personal-branding and job-hunting skills needed to earn a job (Grades 6-8). Download this program brief. 

JA Finance Park® allows students to act as adults and make personal financial decisions in a realistic facility. They develope lifelong financial skills through in-class and simulated experiences. Download this program brief.

JA BizTown online training, click here.

JA Finance Park online training, click here.

JA In A Day "Homeschool Edition" will be held in March of 2018 for homeschool and cyber school students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12. Please contact Ashley Adamson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.